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various DC12/24V AC110/220V, white color, multicolors, and RGB LED rainbow rope lights used for Christmas, festive lighting, wedding, Hotel, hotel, shopping mall, Home, window, club, concert

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What's the Decorative LED Rope Light?

LED rope lights are flexible lighting fixtures that consist of a series of small light-emitting diodes (LEDs) encased in a plastic or rubber tubing. These lights are designed to mimic the appearance of traditional incandescent rope lights, but they offer several advantages, including energy efficiency, durability, and versatility.


These lights are also highly durable.Compared with SMD strip lights, Decorative LED Rope Light has different production technology that the led beads are soldered on the copper wires in horizontal direction. which makes it is really 360 degree emitting lights. So it is the perfect choice for decoration motify lighting.    

The plastic or rubber casing provides protection against moisture and physical damage, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are resistant to extreme temperatures, which allows them to function in a variety of weather conditions.


Decorative LED Rope Light come in various colors, and some models are even capable of producing multi-color or color-changing effects. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from decorative lighting in homes and gardens to commercial and architectural use.


Features of Decorative LED Rope Light:

1. Get passed CE/ROHS /LVD certification
2, Low temperature resistance -25℃, high temperature resistance +65℃
3, UV resistance, High transparent and ECO PVC material.
4, Integrated housing molding, waterproof IP65, available for indoor &outdoor
5, High luminous efficiency, high brightness, good subsidiary lighting for site
6,F3 LED lighting source in horizontal arranged inside, 360 degree beam angle. customized with 24/36/48 leds in multi-color or RGB.  ∅10/11/13 mm available.
7, No external power adapter, direct AC110V/220V  connecting wire, long distance running , suitable for landsacpe lighting ,holiday lighting or motif lighting

Cutting :M
36PCS/Msingle, multi,RGB
36PCS/Msingle, multi,RGBRa≥701M

Product Details of Decorative LED Rope Light:
Color:  single color, dual color, multi-color(4 or 7 colors) , RGB
Accessory:AC plug. Each country has different types please choose the right one.
                 Controller.Three wires for flashing or RGB model will take the controller with 8 modes usually.

                 Connectors.Various types for different installation scenes.

Size:∅10/11/13 mm available.Two wires for constant lighting, three wires for flash lighting

Cut:AC110 with 1 meter per cut, AC220V with 2 meters per cut

Materials: Bright, stable quality diode.Pure tinned copper wire (0.16*28 strands, 0.5 square). High transparent PVC tube

Temperature:working temperature:-25℃--+65℃.lighting temperature is 5℃ higher than surrounding temperature

How to connect the Decorative LED Rope Light?



  1. Each roll of LED strip light take the rectifier bridge stack and AC plug  which can connect the utility power directly. DO NOT overload. The circuit has a circuit protector to ensure its working voltage ranges ±5% of its rated parameter.
    2. If you need to customize the length, it should be cut at the clipping position marked on the strip body which usually  is  1 meter per cutting.  Please take the end cap with silicone glue  at the cutting  position to get waterproof performance.
    3. Do not twist the strip light  sharply and continuously in which case may cause fatigue damage to the PCB . The twisting angle should not be above 45 degrees, and do not bend the strip light in an arc less than 60mm in diameter.
    4. Please install  the product in  places with good ventilation conditions. DO NOT light up the whole roll untill spread out  the lights, to get better heat dissipation .
    5. In order to ensure the life span of the strip light, DO NOT pull, crash and squeeze the strip light sharply during installation.  The installation and fixing must be firm, without flapping or swinging.
    6. Part of this product is waterproof of IP65, and the connector part is only  for pre-fixing and protecting against electric shock when shipped from the factory; When used outdoors, the joint must be placed in an environment without water or sealed by professional electricians to ensure that the joint position will be waterproof.


LED rope lights are popular for installation in various countries around the world, and their popularity often depends on the time of year and specific cultural or holiday traditions. Here are some common scenarios:

United States and Canada: LED rope lights are widely used in the United States and Canada, especially during the holiday season (Christmas) for decorating homes and gardens. They are also used for other festive occasions and events throughout the year.
China: LED rope lights are popular in China during the Chinese New Year, a major celebration in the country. They are used for decorative lighting to mark this important cultural event..
India: LED rope lights are frequently used during the Diwali festival, also known as the Festival of Lights. Diwali is a significant holiday in India and is celebrated with colorful decorations, including LED rope lights.
Australia: LED rope lights are used for Christmas decorations, especially in regions where the Christmas season falls during the summer. Australians often decorate their homes, gardens, and outdoor spaces with these lights.
European Countries: LED rope lights are commonly used for various festivities, such as Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations. They are also popular for enhancing outdoor and architectural lighting year-round.
Thailand: In Thailand, LED rope lights are used extensively during the Songkran festival and Loy Krathong festival, where colorful decorations and lights play a significant role in the celebrations.
Mexico: LED rope lights are used for various celebrations, including the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) and Christmas.
Japan: While not as common as some other countries, LED rope lights are used for festive occasions like Christmas and to decorate gardens and outdoor spaces.


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