Adjustable Dimmable Aluminum Spotlight

.Popular 15-120 Degree View AC 170-240V Dotless adjustable dimmable aluminum spotlight

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LED spotlight is one kind of ambient lighting, and widely used for indoor decoration, commercial lighting, as well as building lighting.

 spotlights are usually used as commercial lighting, what  are more common in clothing stores or in the field of home furnishing  used to light up, focus on decorative objects and improve the overall aesthetic feeling. With concentrated light to decorative painting, handicraft and metope, promoted the color of the object and simple sense, increased the contrast of light and shade of the whole space. Common beam angles in the market are 15 degrees, 24 degrees and 36 degrees. Beam angle irradiation object best effect, according to the lamp spacing, the distance from the wall to choose different degrees of beam angle.

Compared with downlight, this kind of lamps and lanterns can adjust light freely, differ greatly also on installation means, shoot the lamp the most common installation means is track type, install track around condole top or furniture upper part namely, shoot the lamp is suspended more above the track. If it is dark installation spot light, directly embedded in the ceiling, the sense of space will be stronger, the height of the lamp is controlled within 7cm is appropriate. Power according to the size of the space to adjust, generally choose 7-12 watts, large space can be appropriately large. Dark decoration is generally used to emphasize hanging pictures, decorations, background walls, etc. If you pay attention to the expression of material color, you can choose LED spotlight with color rendering index > 90, the color is more realistic, and the object has texture.