Neon Sign LED Strips can makes color to your life! We produce it with durable, waterproof silicone materials which makes it widely used for both      indoor or outdoor.

    Neon Sign LED Strips is perfect for walkways/ Outdoor / Indoor / Corridor / KTV / Ceiling / Hotel / Advertising/ Chaneel letter


    The neon sign  LED strips can be cut, easily bent, and marked accurately.

    neon sign  LED strips is very easy to shape a variety of curves, letters, signs, patterns, patterns, etc., safer, easier and faster

    neon sign  LED strips are shatproof and absolutely safe for use indoors and outdoors.

    Low voltage, low energy consumption for use

   The brightness is uniform

   neon sign  LED strips provides roll cartons, greatly reducing size and weight, thereby increasing ease of shipping.


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What's the usage of 3000K-6500K White LED Neon Strip Light ?

Neon strips can produce strong visual effects and can be used in the following ways:

1. Interior decoration: Neon strips can be used in interior decoration to create a unique atmosphere and style.

2. Exterior decoration: Neon strips can enhance the appearance of a building, making it more visible and eye-catching.

3. Advertising: Neon strips are widely used in commercial billboards, which can attract people's attention and improve the popularity and sales of goods.

4. Traffic signals: Some neon strips can also be used in road traffic lights, such as traffic lights, warning lights, parking lot guidance lights, etc.

5. Nightscape lighting: Neon strips can be used for the lighting of nightscape, playing the role of setting off and embellishing in urban nightscape.

6. Stage performances: Neon strips can be used as background lighting for stage performances, creating a magical atmosphere.

7. Interior ambience lights: Neon strips can also be used for interior decoration, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

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Why do many customers like 3000K-6500K White LED Neon Strip Light?

Many customers like neon strips because of their unique visual effects and good atmosphere. Neon lights in the dark environment will emit soft and dazzling light, let people feel comfortable and warm. In addition, neon strips are very colorful and can be selected according to different needs.

Besides being beautiful, neon strips have many practical functions. It is able to add proper lighting to the room, making it easier for people to find items and conduct activities. Neon strips can also be used as decorations, placing them on walls, furniture or other items to add a sense of beauty and fashion to a room.

Neon LED strips are also very easy to install and use. Just plug the strip into a power source and it will work. Therefore, this light strip is perfect for those who want a simple yet effective decoration scheme.

In short, neon strips are not only beautiful and practical, but also easy to install and use. These factors make many customers like it and choose it as decorative lighting for home, business or other occasions.


TIPS: what's the real neon strip light?  its performance?

Neon strip lights are a type of lighting fixture that use neon gas to produce a bright, colorful glow. They are typically used in commercial and decorative settings, such as bars, restaurants, and outdoor signage.

The performance of neon strip lights can vary depending on a number of factors, including the quality of the materials used in their construction, the design of the fixture itself, and the power source that is used to supply them with electricity.

In general, however, neon strip lights are known for their high level of brightness and color vibrancy. They produce a strong, uniform glow that is often used to create eye-catching displays and signage.

One of the advantages of neon strip lights is that they are very durable and long-lasting. They are resistant to damage from weather, moisture, and UV rays, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. Additionally, they are energy-efficient, consuming less power than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Overall, neon strip lights are a reliable and visually stunning lighting option that can enhance the look of any space. Their performance and longevity make them a popular choice for a variety of commercial and decorative applications.

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