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§ LED COB strip light is a new  integrated light source (Chip On Board), which means the naked chip is attached to the conductive or non-conductive substrate, and then lead bonding to achieve its electrical connection.The COB integrated light source is to cover the silicon wafer placement point with thermoconductive epoxy resin (generally with epoxy resin mixed with silver particles) on the substrate surface, place the silicon wafer directly on the substrate surface, heat treatment until the silicon wafer is firmly fixed to the substrate, and then directly establish an electrical connection between the silicon wafer and the substrate by wire welding.

§ LED COB strip light source is widely used in lighting decoration, especially the linear light . its advantage is that the assembly process is relatively simple, no more spot. Its 180 beam angle makes it dot-free lighting performance. So it is perfect used for showcase,cabinet, sideboard, wardrobe, even staris lighting source.

§  LED COB strip light get light uniform and stable. No particle sense.No stroboscopic effect. High color rendering,high display, high efficiency.Soft enough for more modeling.Cutting places have been reserved and easy for installation

§ Please note all the installation would be conducted by experienced or technician, especially the high volt strip.
§ High power output or lumen don't means high quality. We should consider its light decay, heat dissipation,and chips life span.... our engineer just give you the right LED strip under scientific design assure 3years or 5years warranty. However we can also supply some short-term use strip which for holiday decoration with 1years warranty
§ No matter AC or DC output, all the strips can work only connect with right power supply or  adaptor. Please refer to our sales or our accessories link