Aluminum Magnetic Track Commericial Spot Light

48V/240V Dotless Movable Dimmable Aluminum Magnetic Track Commericial Spot Light Home Use

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Magnetic lighting system

 1.Aluminum Magnetic Track Commericial Spot Light structure design with self-locking buckles, make the installation easier and faster.

  2.Slide modules can get various combination to meet different scenarios needs
 3.Integrated smart control system to realize dimmable and tunable performance.
 4.Embedded mount&surface mount&pandent mount optional, modern and simple linear luminaire art decoratio n .

5. Use famous lamp  bead and high quality housing suit, die casting lamp body.

Advantages of magnetic  track lamp:

1, Aluminum Magnetic Track Commericial Spot Light can be equipped with different lamps. Magnetic suction lamp adopts modular concept, which can be applied to many light source  including downlight, spot light, grid light, flood light bar, chandelier line and so on. Free choice of light source, allowing DIY collocation, to meet the lighting needs of different Spaces.

2. The number of lamps can be increased or decreased freely according to specific requirments

3, Free movement, free Angle adjustment. On the magnetic  track rail, the light source can move freely, and the lamp can be freely distributed according to the space demand. In addition, many magnetic suction lighting sources are adjustable Angle, including magnetic suction lamp, magnetic suction grid box, etc., which increases the degree of freedom of lighting design.

4, Safety problem, no touch danger. Magnetic track lamps on the market generally use 24V or 48V low-voltage design, even if the track has been energized, direct contact with hands, installation of Aluminum Magnetic Track Commericial Spot Light is not dangerous.