LED Ceiling Light Downlight

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LED Ceiling Light Downlight  is a type of flood lighting recessed  in the ceiling or cabinet .

Because the beam Angle is  large over 60degree, the lighting effect of downlight is usually soft and uniform. As an implicit lamp embedded in the ceiling, all the light is projected downward, which belongs to direct light distribution, is  becoming houshold common  basic lighting, usually at the illumination of whole space. In addition, the down lamp can also be used as an auxiliary lamp and the main lamp. More common downlight is commonly embedded, reduce the sense of space pressure. If it is a embedded lamp, the height of the lamp  is within 7cm-8cm. You can buy an appropriate number of downlights according to the size and layout of the space, and then arrange them according to your favorite style. Regularly for family use we advise your selection in 7-12 watts, if it is a larger space can choose more power lamps.

Key features for LED Ceiling Light Downlight:

Energy saving: the same power consumption is 1 / 2 of ordinary energy-saving lamps.

Environmental protection: no mercury and other harmful substances, no pollution to the environment.
Economy: lower electric charge fees
Low-carbon: saving electricity is equal to reducing carbon emissions.
Long life span: usually 50,000 hours working time.
Meanwhile,Its cost is cheap and it usually works with spot light , track light and strip light to create compact ,simple modern lighting style.

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