AC110 220V Hard Rigid Light Bar

AC110 220V Hard Rigid Light Bar LED Linear Bar for Light Box Billboard Station

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 AC110 220V Hard Rigid Light Bar is our new bar light design be back lighting source for huge LOGO , billboard, signboard, huge display . It has power driver attached to avoid the volt dropping problem in the case of huge lighting project where needs large power supply compared with DC current.  The excellent lighting source for shopping mall,  coference ceiling or big sign board in station or sub way. We strongly recommend this model for professional project or high end project.

We deisgn AC110 220V Hard Rigid Light Bar in s shutter roll which can speed up the installation at a lower cost and better performanc. 

§ Please note all the installation would be conducted by experienced qualified workers or technician, and completed on-site safety precautions is a must when install  AC110 220V Hard Rigid Light Bar

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