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individual addressable LED strip light smart Neon Lighting Used for Holiday Decoration light Box Sign Board with IC WS2811

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What is Individual addressable LED strip light?

Individual addressable LED strip light takes SMD2835 bead with IC, to get chasing lighting effect like waterflow, metior, galloping, horse running, or cyclic effect.

Ordinary LED strip light is composed of lamp beads and resistor, only need to be matched with a transformer and can light up.  Individual addressable LED strip lightin  is designed addition to resistor, lamp beads, there is an IC in it, the main function is to guide the lighting chasing direction, so you can find the arrow indicates in the PCB to indicate the waterflow direction , as well as the right connecting indication for power supply or controller. Compared to LED  normal strip light,  the addressable LED strip light has more complicated PCB design and electronic component, so it has better lighting performance as well as high cost.

While, apart from the single color addressable LED strip light, we can also provide Smart Magic Colorfull RGB LED  Strip light are optional like red, gree, ice blue,yellow, etc. It is suitable as be ambient lighting  used for wedding, holiday decoration, hotel, night bar, square ,club or garden. romantic and magic.

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While, as the latest led lighting working style,Individual addressable LED strip light get widely used indoor or out door. So please choose the right IP grade according to your installation requirments. We make it silicon tube outside to get IP65 or even IP67 excellent waterproof performance. to meet large scale of outdoor use.  And also it is cuttable at the scissor simbol, to make it easier on site in the case of various lighting project needs. But please be attention that we strongly advise all the works should be conducted or controlled by the experinced or qualified technician.



In our daily life, we need AC or DC strip light based on various site work. While, the transformer is a must if DC strip light. Please choose the right parameter model  which match the strip itself. To better work with the strip we suggest that choosing the model which gets 20% higher rating wattage than the strip.

In addition to matching our transformer, the Individual addressable LED strip light also need an additional set of controllers or other accessories parts.

1. Connect the controller, DC led strip usually need to use the matched controller to achieve the changing effect of the light

2. And the control area of each wiring controller is not consistent. Generally speaking, the control distance of the simple controller is generally about 12 meters, and the control range of the remote control controller is generally about 20 meters, and even some can reach the area of more than 30 meters.

3.The light connection must pay more attention on  the distance of the LED light, in general, the LED light connection area is 20 meters, if once exceed the distance range, then the LED light is very easy to get high temperature, and in the process of using , it will affect the service life of the LED light , so please install it according to the requirements of the manufacturer, must avoid load operation, to ensure the safety of use when installation.

4.pressure drop problem.  If you need longer connecting, please make it by parallel connecting or  install the amplifier


For more specifications, techinical or installation details please refer to our sales team. DELIKAY is professional manufacturer & supplier for various models of addressable LED strip light.

We provide various LED strip light,module light, linear light, commercial light used in signage lighting or decoration lighting. Our factory locates in Huizhou where is near to Shenzhen within 30minutes, and Foshan city where is commercial light centre. We are excellent supplier for many famous brand in and abroad like OSRAM, CDN, FSL.

We are always committed to supply our customers with green products, environmentally friendly and energy-saving!   

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