ambient lighting bathroom bedroom mirror LED light strip

mainly for ambient lighting used in bathroom mirror or bedroom light. With DC12V/24V safe LED strip light, supper thin power supply and touch sensor, it is comfortable and romantic LED strip light for easy installation.

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What’s the ambient lighting bathroom bedroom mirror LED light strip?

The ambient light strip light is a type of LED strip light that is designed to provide subtle accent lighting to any room in which it is installed. These lights can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere or to highlight particular features of a room, such as artwork or architectural details. With DC12V/24V safe LED strip light, supper thin power supply and touch sensor, it is comfortable and romantic LED strip light for easy installation.

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SMD2835X120LEDS, Ra>80, single color & dual color optional. 10W output with high lumen

IP grade :IP67 silicon tube outer package. Waterproof, moisture proof. Safe to touch.

Touch sensor: control the light up&on automatically when touching. Easy and convenient.



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What’s the touch sensor?

The principle of touch switch sensor is that the capacitor or resistance fluctuation generated by the human body which is close to the switch to transmit instructions to the chip, and the chip controls the switching circuit to realize the purpose of opening or closing electrical appliances. In the process of switching electrical appliances, the human body does not need to contact close contact with high voltage power sources. The touch key adopts capacitive induction technology. The human body conducts electricity and the circuit below the capacitive induction key can generate evenly distributed electrostatic field. When our finger moves to the top of the key, the capacitor on the surface of the key changes. Capacitive keys are very convenient to use, only need to touch without pressing, can be operated.

Necessary Accessories

1: AC adapter+ touch sensor

24w/36w adapter and touch sensor, the whole kit makes it more compatible and higher class

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2: Integrated adapter +sensor+temperature display+clock


3: PVC defogger film backside,  size can be customized


Please do not light up the ambient light strip  long time running . Since its function is not for lighting , but mostly for ambient or decoration, its all technial design are for short term use  each time. like thinner PCB. So please make sure its heap dissipation problem when use it. 

What’s main various types of  lighting in daily life

Basically we have three types main lighting souce as ambient lighting, accent lighting and tasking lighting


 Ambient lighting, which means creating a uniform level of light throughout the space, is different from the special lighting that may be required for the target area, also known as general lighting, to provide overall lighting to the  whole space. In most spatial scenes, when we walk into a room and light up,  ambient lighting illuminates the space with uniform or basic lighting atmosphere.  Ambient lighting comes in many forms, including: ceiling lights,  aluminum profile slots, chandeliers, wall washer lamps,  Bay, vault and drapery lighting, backlighting and more.


Also known as highlighting, it illuminates a specific object more clearly reflect the characteristics of that object. It is usually used in museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, etc., to provide professional lighting for artworks, sculptures, plants or bookshelves. It is also used outdoors to highlight a variety of special beautiful flora and fauna, landscapes or specific shapes, etc. Usually use a variety of spotlights, rail track lights, with various beam angle and high Ra high light efficiency lamps. It can better and more strongly highlight the characteristics of the object itself.


 Specific task lighting. In general speaking, It is used in the areas that require task lighting, include: reading areas in the living room, bookshelves or desks in the study room, kitchen counters or ;  In these occasions ,professional lamps with high luminous efficiency and high lumens such as desk lamps or floor lamps are required to meet the needs.



How to design or choose the right type of  ambient lighting bathroom bedroom mirror LED light strip?

When planning the light layer in a room, we should usually think about ambient lighting first, then task and accent  lighting. However, it is necessary to make corresponding designs and adjustments according to the specific use needs. For example, home, office, museum, hotel garden, etc., the design orientation of these four scenes is definitely different. The types of lamps required are definitely different. It's important to think about how to actually use a space and what you're doing in a particular room.

So, how to choose lighting fixtures correctly?


We advise choose the good water proof  ambient lighting bathroom bedroom mirror LED light strip for bathrooms.  Besides that ,  please also take the moisture problem into consideration.  Ambient lighting in a bathroom should be 4,000-8,000 lumen,  mirror light strip need 1,700 lumen.

Bathroom lighting needs to be carefully considered. Most of bathrooms have ceiling lamps that cast shadows on people when  standing in front of mirrors. So ambient lighting needs to be provided on both sides and even around the bathroom mirror to eliminate shadows. Ambient lighting bathroom bedroom mirror LED light strip is flexible and bendable, can better  decorate mirror, high luminous efficiency design can provide clearer lighting. Excellent waterproof, moisture-proof design, touch sensor, or human infrared sensor make it more convenient, more power saving. Green environmental protection and ECO life style!


 In the bedroom the total lumen  should be range from 2,000-4,000 with a minimum of 500 lumens for bedside reading, and 400 lumens for closet lighting.

 Reading and closet lighting are two major issues in bedroom lighting plans. For bedside reading, we recommend wall-mounted lamps with adjustable arms so that the light is directed at the reading material. Each bedside light should have a separate switch, either directly on the fixture or on an easily accessible wall switch.

Ambient lighting can be provided by floor lights, architectural lighting, or a pair of candlesticks on the side of a wall mirror. Because the bedroom is a relaxing and resting environment space, we need to consider the paint color of the bedroom walls and choose the right lighting color and lumen, as dark walls reflect less light. For closets, we usually advise that  use cabinet hidden linear light fixture.

 Ambient lighting bathroom bedroom mirror LED light strip Installs safe DC12V lamps, flexible and bendable for easy installation, which can be placed around the head of the bed or even around the bed, providing a more comfortable, gentle, magic and romantic resting environment.

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