Diffuse Lens Hard LED Linear Light has super transparent PMMA optical lens with viewing angle 160 degree. It is  pofect choice for those  thinner luminous light box, Screen, Direction Boards, Billboards, etc.

Usually,the brightness of the light bar with  lens  is higher than normal one. The light source distribution is very uniform, not some places strong light, other places weak light. If without lens ,the light is scattered, the light source is not easy to control. and creat bad lighting effect.

  1. DC 12V & 24V optional

  2.  IP 20 or IP 65 can be customized

  3.  Dual color is available for dynamic lighting project with remote control.

  4. Aluminum substrate size can be adjusted.

§ Please note all the installation would be conducted by experienced or technician, especially the high volt strip.
§ High power output or lumen don't means high quality. We should consider its light decay, heat dissipation,and chips life span.... our engineer just give you the right LED strip under scientific design assure 3years or 5years warranty.
§  We have DC and AC output bar light both. No matter AC or DC output, all the strips can work only connect with right power supply or  adaptor. Please refer to our sales for more details about Diffuse Lens Hard LED Linear Light

dual color.jpg

DC12V-24V-AC110-220V-Hard-Rigid-Light-Bar-LED-Linear-Bar-for-Light-Box-Billboard-Station.webp (2).jpg


RIGID BAR 参数.jpg