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What is an Injection module light  with 160 degree lens?

Injection module light  with 160 degree lens is one kind of led module light. The SMD led lights get fully injection encapsulation, it is new model compared with normal epoxy module.

Injection modules features as below:

1.can emit red, blue, purple, green, yellow, blue, ... Seven single color, or RGB color with jump or gradient effect;

2. Top 2835 or 5050 led light source, no dot, low light decay, good consistency;

3. low power consumption, high brightness, long service life, maintenance-free;

4. injection molding process, beautiful and unique appearance, good heat dissipation ;

5.IP grade can reach more than IP65,excellent waterproof, moisture proof and dust proof.

6.low voltage input, safe and reliable use;

7. connecting with 20 units in a cascade, mixed with serial connecting and parallel connecting,, a single module can be cut.

8. Injection module light  with 160 degree lens can takes various beam angle lens like 160° or 170° to get broader illuminate radiation, which is more suitable for those small or thin light box.




Compared with other types of modules, the Injection module light  with 160 degree lens has  larger angle, high brightness and low light decay, so they are more widely used in below occasions:.

1. Usually suitable for 8cm-20cm thickness of advertising signs, lighting signs, (ultra-thin) light boxes, channel letters, blister letters, other advertising lighting, etc.;

2. Hotels, KTV, shopping malls, entertainment area, slot,, exterior wall lighting, landscape layout, stage decoration, city lighting, etc.

3. Family shoe cabinet, wardrobe, ceiling darkroom, exhibition hall, art hall, museum, office, reading room and other partial decorative lighting;

4. For outdoor landscape lighting , which needs big power and higher lumens as well as excellent waterproof, please try the wall washer light with lens

How to install the Injection module light  with 160 degree lens?

Step 1: Calculate the total power of the module to configure the appropriate led switching power supply (the power supply should be configured at 80% of total power output).

Total power consumption = number of modules x power consumption of a single module

For example :300pcs of 3ledsx1.2w module SMD 2835,

total wattage is 1.2wx300=360w.

 While the power supply should be the rated output at 450w ( 450wx80%=360w),

Step 2: Calculate the spacing of module

The spacing of led modules can be adjusted according to the actual requirements such as brightness, luminous flux or lux. Generally speaking. The number of led modules is between 50-100pcs per square. Please test the right illuminance or effect before mass installation.make sure the uniform and consistent lighting. No dot, no dark area.

 The distance between the modules and the edge is generally 2-5 cm, and the vertical and horizontal distance between the modules is recommended to be 2-6cm.

Step 3:Fix the module

1. The module has double-sided adhesive tape for preliminary fixing, and then fixed it with glass cement as final fixing.

2. Before installation, the module surface should be clean or properly polished to ensure that the surface is clean.

3. Fix it with screws on the bottom in the case of some special module which has drilled hole..

 Step 4: Connect the power supply

After all modules are installed,  0.75mm or 18awg wires can be used to connect to the power supply. The distance between the power supply and the module should be within 5 meters. If the font size is large, the power supply can be built-in on the premise of non- affecting to the heat dissipation of the module.




Installation precautions for the Injection module light  with 160 degree lens

1. Pay attention the IP grade of led switching power supply

2. The switching power supply shall adjust the matched output voltage according to the features of the led module in advance, and do not rotate the voltage adjustment button randomly in the process of use!

3. Our modules are DC12/24v  low volt design.. The 220v ac power is not applicable, so the shorter connecting cable will be better.

4. Please make sure the correct positive and negative poles during installation. If  reversed, the Injection module light  with 160 degree lens will not emit light, but it will not damage the led module. Do not adjust  voltage!

5. During the installation of the Injection module light  with 160 degree lens, adhesive tape is required to make the module bottom slot firmly pasted with the blister bottom plate.  Glass cement is a must when use double-sided tape,  it will fall off  because of long time sunlight outdoor.

6.please make more parallel circuit  when install in the channel letter or light box , and less serial connection, we recommend that the number of module do not exceed 40 group for single color, do not exceed 20 groups for RGB module.  Otherwise the performance will be affected by the pressure drop, even the PCB will get damaged due to the overlarge single current.

7. Pay attention the water resistant of  led module when it is installed in the blister letters or light box outdoor.

8 .Do not push,crush, squeeze the Injection module light  with 160 degree lens during the installation of the led module, the electronic device in the module is weak and easy to damaged.


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