1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module

1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module for high end signs or ads and popular in North America market.

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What’s the 1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module ?

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Delikay provide high end 1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module. It is designed by special electrical PCB and electronic components to realize AC high volt direct connecting .  this kind of modules will better improve the install speed and get lower cost in the filed of signage lighting source.

1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module  takes 160 degree angle optical lens and is very suitable for those small thin light box or signs, with top ABS injected material housing to extend the life span. 


Body material:
Beam angle:
160 degree
Qty of led:
Life span:
IP grade:

Features of 1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module:

1. High brightness SMD2835 LED chip, low power consumption, low light attenuation.,high CRI

2. Energy saving and environmental protection, low carbon, no radiation, no flicker.

3.  High transmittance. And variety color is optional.

4. ABS outer housing to get better flame resistant ability

5.  Easy to install, no need DC power supply , save cost.

6.  Life span over 50,000 hours, 3 year warranty

7. Authentic 3M adhesive backside tape




Precautions for construction of 1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module

1. All the works should be finished by the qualified technician or operator.

2. Pay much more attention on the high volt problem. Avoid those conductive parts when install it.

3.Wear qualified insulation boots, wear clean and dry gloves,  or other insulation.

4.Thunder, rain, fog and wet weather are not allowed to carry out outdoor live work.

What’s the kind of lighting source for signage?

 1.LED hard rigid bar. It is assembled with PCB hard board ,usually is aluminum substrate , mounted LED lamp bead. With high power and shutter roll design, it is good choice for big light box or signs.

2.LED module. Different from the rigid bar or flexible strip, it is a single piece, rectangular shape or square, color diversity, waterproof, bendable and freely to cut or install. It is often used in soft ceiling membrane, LED letters, light boxes and grid word light sources.

 3. LED flexible strip lights. There are a lot of models, S shape, edge-lit lighting, driver-free high volt, RGB.....All of these are flexible and with stick tape backside , easy install in the narrow space like Mini letters or special shape signs. We can choose the right type according to the specific requirements.

 4. LED side light. It is different from the general LED light strip or LED module, its lamp bead is very big with high power ranges from 1.5-3W per piece .It is mainly used in the double side light box within 20cm depth and width within 2-3 meters.

  How to choose the right lighting source for signage?

Most of the small signs or LED letter will take LED module be the lighting source. Such as  1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module. While how to choose the right model to balance the cost and its performance?
1,Generally speaking, the led module can only work in the rated current range, exceeds which it gets overloaded work and will be damaged. So the best solution is choosing the lower wattage with higher luminous efficiency.  Our 1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module get 150lm per piece, high brightness.

2,Good water resistant , dust resistant ,or moisture resistant. Most of signs are outdoor installation and its situation require the lighting source have better performance to resist the nature erosion.  Delikay  provide the 1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module can ensure IP67, excellent water proof ability.

3, High quality lamp bead. It is obvious that the signs or advertisement broads will last long term and usually they are installed where is uneasy to maintain or replace. So we provide 3 years warranty  for our 1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module


 Why is the UL Certificate so important ?

UL certification is the underwriters laboratories (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) to make the certification of shorthand. UL safety test is the most authoritative, is also the world is engaged in the security test and evaluation of large civil institutions. It is an independent, profitable, do test of professional organizations for public security.It USES science to study the method of testing of the various materials, devices, products, equipment, construction and other any hazard to life and property and the harm degree; Sure, write, and the corresponding standards and help reduce of issue and to prevent the loss of lives and property caused by data, at the same time to carry out the truth research business.UL certification in the United States belongs to the compulsory certification, mainly product safety performance testing and certification, the certification scope does not include the product characteristics of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility).In short, it is mainly engaged in product safety certification and safety certification business, the ultimate goal is to get fairly safe level for the market of goods, contribute to the health and property safety guaranteed. Is product safety certification as an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade, UL in order to promote the development of international trade also plays a positive role.

What’s the ABS housing?

What is the material of ABS, refers to acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene copolymer, can be normal in the environment of minus 25 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, belongs to high strength, good toughness, easy processing made of thermoplastic polymer structure material, also called abs resin, the surface is non-transparent, ivory grain, its products can be made of colorful, and has high gloss. It is now used mainly in alloys and plastics.

What are the chemical characteristics of ABS? Why we choose the ABS housing for the 1.5W UL certified AC110V&220V LED letter module?

1. Good comprehensive effect, higher impact strength, stable chemistry and excellent electric energy.

2, with polymethyl methacrylate connection effect is excellent, made of two-color plastic parts, and can surface chrome plating and spray painting process.

3, with impact resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant and transparent properties.

4, the flow effect is weaker than HIPS, but it is better than PMMA and PC, and good flexibility .


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