COB LED module signage lighting

COB led module signage lighting are used in mini LED letters, special shape letters, light box,LOGO brand, billboard, signboard, or advertising signs.

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What is COB led module signage lighting?

COB led module signage lighting takes COB strip as lighting source, and fixed on aluminum substrate lamination . compared to normal LED SMD lighting, COB has better performance on anti-impact, waterproof and moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-oxidation, anti-static.  It can create linear lighting and no spot,make high-end illuminate effect.

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With high luminous flux, high CRI, good heat dissipation,long life-span , low light attenuation , COB led module signage lighting  is strongly advised to be used in mini LED letters, special shape letters, light box,LOGO brand, billboard, signboard,  or advertising signs.

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What is COB?

COB, namely chip on board,  which means the chip is encapsulated on the FPC directly. with flip chip fixed on the solid crystal PCB board in line, and get surface covered by silicone gel with mixed phosphor layer of transparent . the chip emits various CCT under the interior reaction by silicone gel and phosphor through refraction, reflection and interaction

Why choose COB be the module’s lighting source?

COB light with structural features as below:

1, linear lighting, no spot, smooth and consistent, evenly split.

2, chips directly fixed on PCB loading board, chip heat can be passed directly to the load board, better heat dissipation, lower thermal resistance channel;

3, viewing angle can reach to180°. very perfect for those mini  letters or thin light box. the main difference between COB light and the LED light is that the LED light is energy-saving, environmental protection, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet radiation, but it has  blue light hazard problem. And COB with high CRI is very close to the nature light,  no stroboscopic , no glare, no electromagnetic radiation, ultraviolet radiation can effectively protect the eyes and skin better.


What’s the strengths of COB led module signage lighting?

1.Differ from traditional SMD module ( epoxy or injection ), COB led module signage lighting get small space between beads and  perform better in terms of the stability , it makes the dead lamp at a low rate ,basically little after-sales, and lower labour cost on maintain Because the traditional SMD module is encapsulated in PCB board by bracket or stands,  so the beads easily drop off when installation or by external force, which lead to higher dead lamp rate , and too much after-sales works accordingly.  

2. Reflow oven is not needed in the COB encapsulation processing , so the diode chip with epoxy resin adhesive packaging curing protection, it will avoid the dead lamp which caused by the miss soldering between bead bracket and epoxy resin , so the COB is uneasy to get dead lamp phenomenon. On the contrary, it get more stable and steady.

3. COB led module signage lighting get higher power and luminous flux, but with longer life due to its aluminum substrate which can better dissipate the heat . Totally it has better cost performance.


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