What’s the 3W UL listed AC110V&220V LED module light?

Delikay provide high quality 3W UL listed AC110V&220V LED module light,which get special electrical design principles, and electronic components to realize AC high volt connecting directly.  When it comes to our signage lighting source, this kind of modules will better improve the install speed and get lower cost, no matter materials or labour .

3W UL listed AC110V&220V LED module light  takes large beam angle optical lens can expanding  the area of lighting , be better suitable for those small thin light box or signs, with top ABS injected material housing to extend the life span. 



Model :
LED chips:
IP grade:
Beam angle:
160 degree
Qty leds:
Life span:



Features of 3W UL listed AC110V&220V LED module light:

1. Ultra-high brightness SMD LED chip, low power consumption, high brightness.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection, low carbon, no radiation, no flicker.

3.  High transmittance.

4.  Easy to install, no need for power, save cost.

5.  Life span over 50,000 hours, 3 year warranty


1. Outdoor/indoor use

2. Lighting project

3. Outline lighting

4. Sign/letter backlight

5.Outdoor, corridors, windows,  building lights

6.DIY household lights

7. Decorative lights for festivals, events, performances and exhibitions






Strengths of 3W UL listed AC110V&220V LED module light

1:At present, the light source used in signage area is mainly based on the conventional  input voltage of DC12v led three-lamp, five-lamp, or six-lamp module , all of which need to pass the constant voltage switching power supply to get  output DC12v as the power supply. If the led light source module directly connect to the mains AC 220v , led light source will get damaged due to over load  and burned out. , so it needs to install a switching power supply. In addition to additional material costs, there will also be additional labor costs. This is a unavoidable disadvantage in  those developed districts where labor costs are high 

However,  3W UL listed AC110V&220V LED module light are made through special PCB design and high voltage chip placement, no transformer, can be directly connected to the utility power supply, convenient and easy to operate,  green environmental protection, save material and labor costs in the long run.

2:The DC low volt module achieves a large number of light sources through different number of series and parallel. Usually, 20 modules can be in one cascade, and a few high-power modules can achieve 50 cascades. If exceeding this, there will be obvious voltage drop problem, and the single circuit current will be too large to burn the circuit board, which will affect the lighting effect of the entire advertisement. Therefore, workers in the installation will make more parallel circuits, to ensure the average distribution of voltage and current .

While 3W UL listed AC110V&220V LED module light has no this voltage drop problem . The high volt ensure its supply balance and get uniform voltage and current in this whole project.. The installation is more flexible and free to meet the needs of diversified advertising lighting.


What's the difference between DC low volt and AC high volt?

1. Safety: High voltage led module take 220v voltage work, belongs to dangerous voltage, in some risk situations there is a hidden danger; low voltage led module is working under DC 12v, belonging to the safe voltage, can be applied to a variety of occasions, without any danger to the human body.

2.Installation: High voltage led module installation is more convenient, it can be directly driven by high voltage driver, usually it is equipped well at factory what can be directly work normally, however, the low-voltage led module requires additional installation of DC power for step-down, which is relatively complicated during installation.

3. Price: It is the most focused point for the end user, while if only focus on the price itself, the both DC and AC seems be the same or sometimes the AC ones are more expensive.  But the overall cost is different, because the high voltage led module is connected to the high voltage power supply. DC modules usually require at least one power supply for 200-300w. The total cost will increase a lot, much higher than the high voltage led module. Moreover, more professional engineers are needed to design and debug, which takes more labour cost and time. Therefore, from the overall price, the high pressure lamp belt price is cheaper.


High volt LED module operation precautions:

(1) the staff must have qualified  certification before carrying out the work.

(2) the work shall be carried out by two persons, one for monitor and another for operate. The guardianship should be staffed by persons with live working experience. The guardian should be focused, not touch the operator, and not do anything unrelated to the guardianship.

(3) guardians and operators should be fully dressed and not allowed to expose their bodies.

(4) wear qualified insulation boots, wear clean and dry gloves,  or other insulation.

(5) the line with load is not allowed to be broken, connected, broken, connected to the no-load line should first break the phase line and then break the zero (neutral) line, should be connected to the zero (neutral) line and then connected to the phase line, should be firmly before connecting. The breaks and joints should be wrapped with insulating cloth.

(6) the live part should be in front of the operator and no less than 0.3m away from the head. Two people are not allowed to carry out live work at the same time on the same part. If there are other live wires or devices within 1m from the left and right of the operator, separate them with insulation.

(7): Thunder, rain, fog and wet weather are not allowed to carry out outdoor live work.


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