long run non voltage drop LED strip light

10m 33ft 20m 65ft long running continous working without voltage drop takes constant current IC LED strip light

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what's the long run non voltage drop LED strip light?

1: Single end power feed 20 meters long distance without pressure drop

2: SMD2835 lamp bead,small size,high brightness, easy to achieve a variety of light color stitching

3:Copper stands with high mechanical strength, bending resistance without breaking, high reliability to meet the high density demand

4:3oz electric plating double player PCB, 10mm width, DC24V  10W/meter.

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The long run non voltage drop LED strip light is a type of LED strip light that is designed to maintain a consistent level of brightness and color temperature even over long distances. This type of strip light is especially useful when you need to create a continuous and uniform lighting effect in a large space.


The key feature of the long run non voltage drop LED strip light is its ability to minimize voltage drop over long distances. Voltage drop occurs when an electrical current is passed through a conductor, causing its voltage to decrease. This can result in a loss of brightness and color temperature, especially over long distances.


To counteract this effect, long run non voltage drop LED strip lights use special circuitry and components that regulate the current and voltage levels. They also feature larger wire gauges, which reduce the resistance and minimize voltage drop. This ensures that the LED strips maintain consistent brightness and color temperature over long distances.


Long run non voltage drop LED strip lights are ideal for applications such as cove lighting, architectural lighting, and linear accent lighting in large commercial spaces. They are available in a variety of colors and brightness levels, and can be easily customized to fit your specific lighting needs.

How to produce the long run non voltage drop LED strip?

 1. Choose high-quality LED chip: High-quality LED chips have better thermal stability, light decay characteristics, and can withstand high current density. It ensures the LED strip light's long-term performance and reduces voltage drops over time. We takes high-end LED chip like HONGLI, Bridgelux to insure the chip quality.


2. Select the right PCB material: The Printed circuit board (PCB) material is an essential component that affects the LED strip light's thermal and electrical conductivity. With the thickness of 3oz and IP20, IP65, and IP68 PCB coatings are popular choices. We use 3oz electric plating  double player FPCB which get better steady working or heat dissipation features.


3. Design an appropriate circuit: The circuit design should optimize the circuit's effectiveness, reduce resistive loss and electrical noise from switch mode power supply, dimming control or microcontroller.


4. Enhance the thermal management system: Good thermal management can extend the LED strip light's lifespan by reducing thermal stress and light decay. Aluminum PCB or copper heat sinks, heat resistant adhesives, and insulators can be used to achieve this.


5. Apply advanced packaging technology: Advanced packaging technologies, such as resin encapsulation or silicone extrusion, can improve mechanical strength, electrical insulation, waterproofing, and light uniformity.



The key features of such a LED strip light would be:


1. Long life span: The LED strip light has an extended lifespan of up to 50,000 hours or more, without significant lumen depreciation.


2. High luminous efficacy: The LED strip light has high energy efficiency with low power consumption, resulting in high luminous efficacy.


3. Low voltage drop: The LED strip light has a negligible decrease in voltage over the length of the strip.


4. Uniform light output: The LED strip light has stable and consistent light distribution with no visible variance even in long runs.


5. Reliability and durability: The LED strip light is reliable and durable, able to withstand environmental factors like humidity, dust, and temperature fluctuations.


6. Customization: The LED strip light can be customized to different length, width, color temperature, and brightness for various applications.


We have two types of this long run non voltage drop LED strip:
1: the normal one is just only strip itself.  We get it non voltage drop through the thicker PCB, better LED chips at a lower price . It is suitable for normal lighting project or decorative project.



2: Meanwhile, we also designed another type which contains the constant current IC to realize the non voltage drop:



A constant current IC is an integrated circuit that is designed to provide an output current that remains constant regardless of variations in input voltage or load resistance. These ICs are commonly used in a variety of applications, including LED drivers, battery chargers, and precision analog measurement systems.


The primary function of a constant current IC is to regulate the output current by adjusting the voltage across a load to maintain a fixed current level. This is achieved through a feedback mechanism, where the IC continuously monitors the output current and adjusts the voltage across the load to keep it constant.


One of the primary benefits of using a constant current IC is that it eliminates the need for external circuitry to regulate the output current, which can help simplify the design of the overall system. Additionally, constant current ICs can provide greater accuracy and stability than other types of current regulation circuits, making them well-suited for high-precision applications.


Some of the key features to consider when selecting a constant current IC include the maximum output current, input voltage range, and efficiency. These parameters will vary depending on the specific application and load requirements, so it is important to carefully evaluate the datasheet and design specifications before selecting a particular device.


what's the usage area of the long run non voltage drop strip?  is its price high ?


The long run non-voltage drop strip is a type of LED strip that is specifically designed for use in long runs of LED lighting. These strips are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings where large areas need to be illuminated. The long run non-voltage drop strip is able to maintain a consistent brightness throughout the entire run, eliminating the need for additional power supplies or amplifiers.


The strip is suitable for use in a variety of applications, from lighting retail displays and signage to illuminating large warehouses and production facilities. They are also commonly used in architectural lighting designs to create dramatic lighting effects.


The price of the long run non-voltage drop strip can vary depending on the length and specifications of the strip. However, they are generally more expensive than standard LED strips due to their specialized design and high-quality construction. Despite a higher price point, these strips are typically a worthwhile investment due to their superior performance and reliability, especially when considering long-term use.


Overall, the long run non-voltage drop strip is a useful and versatile lighting solution for a variety of commercial and industrial settings. Its ability to maintain consistent brightness over long runs makes it a popular choice for larger scale lighting projects, despite its higher price point.

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