Magic smart RGB injection module light

Magic smart addressable RGB injection module light for high end sign board or LOGO letters

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7D3 幻彩模组_副本.jpg

RGB Injection module light  with 160 degree lens, high end high quality with 3 years warranty,  more stable and longer life span. Perfect waterproof.  it can be good lighting source for dynamic pattern LOGO or signs  letter  billboard or light box.

No light spot, low light decay, good consistency;low power consumption, no dark area, ensure the illuminous effect and performance
 DC12V low voltage input, safe and reliable for use, waterproof grade up to IP65;
The 20pcs modules in one string,  constant voltage design to ensure its steady when working
 Please note all the installation would be conducted by experienced or technician
 High power output or lumen don't means high quality. We should consider its light decay, heat dissipation,and chips life span.... our engineer just give you the right LED product under scientific design assure 3years or 5years warranty.
 No matter AC or DC output, all the module light can work only connect with right power supply or  adaptor. Please refer to our sales or our accessories link

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